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Customer Testimonials

  • service was great
    Came here to buy a car, but didnt end up buying one. The service was great and the employees were friendly. A nice little dealership

    Max H- 7/22/2010

  • very honest and I would buy a car from them again
    I bought a 99 Subaru from Bargain Town and had a very good experience. They worked with me on the price of the car, were professional and efficient in dealing with the paperwork, and very accommodating with the test drive and answering all questions. I felt they were very honest and I would buy a car from them again.

    Kevin-  3/31/2013

  • Bargain Town is a Good Lot with Great Cars

    Very impressed with my experience at Bargain Town. Found the place by chance and immediately noticed their rust & dent free cars. Engines under the hood and body exteriors were well detailed. Cars are priced to sell, and negotiations do occur for serious buyers. Their staff was no pressure, confident that the cars sell themselves. I was encouraged to test drive and get my own mechanic to do a diagnostic (which I did). I plan on returning in 2 years to get my wife another great Bargain Town car. CHECK THIS DEALERSHIP OUT !!!!


    -"A  from Milwaukee Area" (7-26-12)

  • "...they were friendly and honest
    I purchased a car from Bargain Town Motors. I did it because of the vehicle itself, and the friendliness and honesty of their staff. After all you can get ripped off even at very large new dealers, and facilities. Their facilities aren't the most up-to-date. But as I said above, they were friendly and honest. I noticed a noise from the right rear during the test drive, they listened to my concerns. Then they fixed the problem. At this point I am satisfied with my purchase.

    -Don (01-03-16)

  • "They were wonderful"
    They were wonderful and helped us get keys even after we purchased. No complaints!

    -Rebecca E (02-18-16)

  • I love my car and I love the service I received fr
    I flew all the way out to Milwaukee from Denver, Colorado to purchase a car from these guys sight unseen. I had not done anything like this before and was somewhat uneasy, however, any worries I had flew out the window shortly after my taxi arrived at the dealership. 

    My car was sitting right in front of the office with a 'Sorry, Sold!' sign on the rearview mirror and was beautifully detailed such that I could not stop smiling. I walked in and met Gustavo, whom I had spoken to on the phone several times prior to flying out. After greeting me and answering any questions I had he handed me the keys and said 'Test drive it as long as you want, just be back before we close haha' I offered him my carry-on for collateral but he refused. 

    So I went for a drive and checked out everything - engine, lights, 4WD, brakes, acceleration, electronics, tires, alignment, etc. Everything met or exceeded my expectations so I headed back to Bargain Town, still smiling, to close the deal. 

    Gustavo was busy with another customer but his counterpart, Cruz, was just getting back from grabbing lunch. He introduced himself and we shot the breeze a ilttle before he asked if I was hungry to which I replied 'Starving!' as I had only eaten airport McDonalds all day. He proceeded to give me half of his delicious meal and a Coke while I waited. 

    Gustavo soon finished the other sale and went straight to mine which was wrapped up in no more than 15 min leaving me with the 4Runner of my dreams. 

    I immediately drove my new car the more than 1,000 miles back to Denver through sun, wind, rain, and snow with no issues whatsoever. It has been over a month now and I have tacked on another couple thousand miles day to day and to places like Breckenridge, Vail, and Keystone still with no issues. 

    Gustavo even had my car re-titled before I came out to ensure the transfer to a Colorado title was seamless, he also sent me a new temporary tag a week after I returned because I accidentally ripped it off in a car wash.I love my car and I love the service I received from Bargain Town Motor Cars. They went above and beyond for me, the customer rather than only caring about profit like other dealerships. 

    If you're in the area you should definitely buy a car from these guys, and even if you're halfway accross the country I would still recommend it! 

    Thanks to Gustavo and Cruz you guys are awesome!! Sorry the review took so long guys!

    -David R (12/21/2012)

  • I would definitely recommend Bargain Town
    I searched auto trader for weeks looking for the perfect Honda Civic. I finally found one that looked great and had low miles. For the mileage and year of the vehicle the price was right on. I drove to the dealer ship on a snowy November evening. I met Gustavo for the first time and he gladly let me take it for a test drive. 

    The following day I went for a second look and also to run the vehicle by my mechanic to see what he thought. He said the car was great except for a few minor issues( front brakes, rear links, airbag light). I brought these issues to the attention of Gustavo and told him if these issues were fixed I would gladly buy the car. 

    He called me the next day JUST AFTER he had the brakes and links replaced and said they would bring the car to the Honda dealership for the air bag light which turned out to be a seat belt issue. The Honda dealership ordered a warranted part for the seat belt and in the mean time I bought the car. A few days later I brought the car in for the seat belt replacement and I was good to go. 

    Bargain Town Motors has great vehicles and great service. They are honest people and stand behind the vehicles they sell. I might also add that their detail shop does an amazing job. Every car in their inventory is nice and shiny and extremely clean. My brother also bought his car there and couldn't be happier. It's been about a month now since I bought the vehicle and it's been great. I'm very happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend Bargain Town to anyone looking for a quality vehicle. 

    -Brandon S  (12/21/2012)

  • "An amazing car buying experience"

    I found the dealer on It was a little far for me (44 miles away to be exact), but they had the cleanest and cheapest 08 Honda Accord on So, I took my wife with me and drove from Gurnee Mills,IL to Milwaukee. They were a father and a son, very helpful and had full confidence about the car. We checked it for ourselves, they gave us the option to bring our own mechanics to take a look at it, or have their own mechanics revise it, no problem, showed us the CARFAX report , very clean vehicle. We had some cash, which covered only half of the price. We planned to take a loan from our banks, which are Capital One or Chase bank. But, all of a sudden, their guy (Mr. Nathaniel Lynn)  showed up from Heritage Credit Union, he took over the process, applied for the loan and guess what? 2.4% for a 2008 car? Couldn't get that rate even for a brand new car! Overall, it was an amazing car buying experience, would recommend it.

    -Kutay (02/02/2016)

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